Examining your pension plan’s longevity risk and the range of strategies to reduce it

For pension custodians these are perilous times. While some work has been done on quantifying investment, inflation and interest risk – pension schemes have not, to date, had the tools to analyse the risk, nor the solutions to manage the cost of its members living longer that expected.

The European De-Risking Longevity Forum has been designed to bring together the experts in this market from early adopters of the new longevity solutions to naysayers and those that challenge assumption of an ever increasing life expectancy.

A number of your peers are already confirmed to attend this meeting, including:

Manager – BBC Pension Trust Ltd. * Corporate Pensions Manager – Balfour Beatty * Head of Finance, Actuarial Department – SAMPENSION * Group HR Director – Saga Group Ltd. * Finance Manager – Santander UK Plc. * Group Treasurer – Compass Group Plc. * Pensions Manager – National Grid Plc. * Vice President Actuarial – Sun Life Financial * Regional Sales Director – AEGON Global Pensions * Special Projects Manager – BP International Ltd

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Are we headed for a Tradable Longevity Swaps Market?

Jeremy Williams, Head of Pension Risk at the Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT) Pensions Office, talks about de-risking longevity in the European context, and offers his views on exactly how far pension custodians have moved in adopting solutions to address this issue. Find out which aspects of the DMGT scheme he would prioritise for de-risking and where longevity fits into this. There are some difference between pension funds and hedge funds, you can find details in link.

At the European De-Risking Longevity Forum 2010 you will:

  • Hear the arguments for and against increased life expectancy – and how it will affect your plan
  • Find out how schemes can prepare to quantify their risks
  • Learn which alternative de-risking strategies are available to your schemes
  • Gain insight into the legal complexity that each bespoke deal is likely to bring

Who should attend?

  • Plan sponsors
  • Pension managers
  • Trustees
  • Life companies
  • Buyout firms
  • Pensions and benefits consultants.
  • Investment banks
  • Corporate Financial directors
  • Pension Administrators
  • Actuaries
  • Law firms


Praise for Finance IQ’s Insurance Linked Securities global series

The conference was great and I learned a lot of new things, especially within the pre-conference workshops! I think you did a fantastic job in pulling everything together, the speakers had excellent experience and knowledge. Keep up the good work!

Sun-Siang Liew, Senior Analyst, Validus Research

This is THE must attend ILS event. So many people attend the event; the networking part is one of the main benefits.

Michael Stahel, Head of Insurance-Linked Investments, Clariden Leu

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